• Teacher Wellbeing Survey

    The first survey was completed on 21st May, 2017. There have been 196 responses so far as of 24th April, 2019. If you haven't completed our survey, please do so and help us to build a picture of teacher wellbeing across the sectors.

    Click on this link to complete the survey: https://goo.gl/forms/yqRVj2OvkvaoUR2z2 

    Click on the screenshot below to see the results. If you see the survey again when you click, please wait a moment for it to change to the results

    Summary of Wellbeing Survey Responses
  • Rate My School

    (New: From 1st Feb 2019: Trial)

    'Rate My School' enables you to rate how well your school looks after your wellbeing and mental health. Is your school: Excellent? Good? Fair? Poor? Very Poor? Your school will be given the opportunity to add the rating to their website, giving prospective applicants an idea of how their wellbeing and mental health is likely to be supported.

    In common with well-known online rating systems, 'Rate My School' will build a picture of the school over time.

    When 51% of teachers in your school have completed 'Rate My School', your school's score will be published

    on the first of each month here, on this website.

    To rate your school, go to: https://goo.gl/forms/EOhAx0MnWi0dQjtG2 or click on the image below.

    Rate My School
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