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    If you want to visit our main website to find out about the Teach Well Toolkit - our 3-term programme to address Burnout and create a school wellbeing community, - go to www.teachwellalliance.com


    Click on the link below to download an article on the causes of Teacher Burnout, how it impacts your school and how the Teach Well Alliance works in partnership with you to tackle it.

  • About the Teach Well Alliance

    Steve Waters

    Founder and Director

    Some facts about me:

    • Founding Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching (2019)
    • English Teacher with 30 years' experience, including as Head of Drama Dept, Head of English Dept, Assistant Headteacher and Teacher Governor. 
    • NPQH
    • MA in Education.
    • Advanced Diploma in Educational Management (Adv Dip Ed).
    • 6 years - Local Authority school improvement consultant. 
    • Mental Health First Aider (MHFA). School Wellbeing and Mental Health Consultant. 
    • Mental Health trainer at Shaw Mind Foundation. 
    • Workplace Wellness Master Ambassador (Kelly Consulting). 
    • Qualified BAC Counsellor (Adv Dip in Counselling). 
    • Faculty accreditation: Wellness Council of America (WELCOA).
    • Member of British Psychological Society (BPS). 
    • Mindfulness Practitioner. 
    • Author: Bell J & Waters S (2018) 'Doing Your Research Project: a guide for first-time researchers in education and the social sciences' (8th ed) McGraw-Hill/Open University

    I work closely with an experienced pool of trainers and consultants who have expertise in supporting schools to implement wellbeing programmes.

    They work in partnership with your school to address the 6 causes of Teacher Burnout, reduce workload and create a school wellbeing community with teacher wellbeing at its core.

  • Mental Health Media Charter

    The Teach Well Alliance is proud to endorse Natasha Devon's Mental Health Media Charter

    We all have physical health. We all have mental health. We can become mentally unwell just as we can become physically unwell.

    The Teach Well Alliance talks and writes about mental ill-health in a way that avoids labels, stigma and judgement and encourages support, understanding and, where appropriate, professional help.

  • Headteacher Teach Well Award

    Congratulations to John Rowlands

    Manchester Communication Academy

    Awarded Headteacher Teach Well Award 2018 for Staff Wellbeing

    Nominations now open for 2019


  • Sign the Head to Head Headteacher Pledge

    Improve Teacher Mental Health and Well-Being

  • The Headteacher's Head to Head Pledge

    These Headteachers have signed the Teach Well Alliance pledge to improve staff mental health and wellbeing

    Lorna McLean

    King Edwin Independent Specialist School, Stockton-on-Tees

    Nicola Matthews

    Brackenfield School, Harrogate

    Jacqui Wilson

    Flimby Primary School, Cumbria

    Izzy Rickards

    Holy Trinity C of E Primary School, Wimbledon

    Rachel Crouch

    Stanton Harcourt School, Oxfordshire

    Julie Rees

    Ledbury Primary School, Hereford

    Amy Harvey

    St Peter's Junior School, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire

    Kerry Hill

    Eyres Monsell Primary School, Leicester

    Sally Dixey

    Etwall Primary School, Derbyshire

    Dave Peterson

    Stokesay Primary School, Shropshire

    Jyothy Ramachandran

    Mahapragya Public School, Mumbai

    Joakim Philipsen

    Ranum Efterskole College, Denmark

    Shazia Azhar

    Spring Grove Junior, Infant and Nursery School, Kirklees

    Rob Marsh

    West Kent YMCA

    Fiona Taylor

    The Downley School, Buckinghamshire

    Kevin Latham

    Creating Tomorrow MAT, Northants

    Ciaran Cunningham-Watson

    Belvedere British School, Abu Dhabi

    Bretta Townend-Jowitt

    Kingham Primary School, Oxfordshire

    Alison Rooney

    Furze Down School, Buckingham

  • Contact the Teach Well Alliance

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    Manchester, UK
    Mon-Fri: 09.00-17.00
    Sat: 10.00-16.00
    07504 635 431
  • Is the amount of marking making you ill?

    The Teach Well Alliance recommends Verbilly


    Click on the image to go to www.verbilly.com. Find out how Verbilly can reduce your workload by using speech-to-text technology to give your pupils feedback.

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